Web Design/Development

  • HTML / Flash

    I started playing around with websites and flash.

  • VBS

    Started learning visual basic and began programing in excel.

  • Web Design and Development

    I built a custom CMS specific to churches and ministries. I started professionally selling my services as a designer/developer

  • Rayrok (Social network)

    I built a social network based off of timelines

  • Rayrok (games)

    Started building games for web and phones.

  • Mailrok

    I created an HTML email generator.

Recording Career

  • Omniphonic Globalnova

    This is the record that through the grace of God got us signed to Interscope and started our professional careers.

  • Soak (self titled)

    Recorded in 1996 on Interscope records. This was our first major label record. It took the better part of 6 months to complete this record.

  • Flywatt

    We moved from Interscope records to Sire records. We bought our record back from Interscope and sold it to Sire. We removed some songs, edit other songs and added two new songs, changed the artwork and gave it a name. Here are the two songs we added.

  • 2179

    This was the second record we did for Sire. I have only included a few of the songs from this record.

Jason {Solo}
  • Sing Amen

    My second fully Christian record. Praise be to God forever and ever.

  • Audience of Angels

    Recorded shortly after, by the grace of God, I purchased Music Lane Recording. God transformed my heart during this record.

  • Modern Living

    I recorded this record with two friends, Chal Boudreaux and Bill Sarver. We built a recording studio at another friend's house, Rich Jones.

  • Headtrip

    I recorded a couple of songs right after Soak ended with Chal Boudreaux & Bill Sarver. Chuck Reed Produced it.

  • Empath

    I recorded this record in a make shift studio within our rehearsal space.